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You may build one or more of these projects for non-commercial use only. You can also build for it for a non-profit organization or a school.


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Buyer Protection

Nearly everyone that buys a DIY Flight Sims product is happy with their purchase, but every once in a while somebody wants a refund. Here's what you can expect if you request a refund.

First, send an email to Matt Thomas at DIYflightsims@rogerdodger.net within 30 days of your purchase.

DO NOT request a chargeback from your credit card company or you will pay a fee. Most chargeback fees are $30.00.

I'm going to need to know what was wrong the product you purchased and why you are requesting a refund. If you tell me you just don't want it, that's pretty lame, and you need a better
reason than that. I'll need to know what I can do to improve the product to prevent future returns.

Once I approve the refund, you will need to delete the product you purchased. I do this because there is no way you can "return it to the store" because you downloaded the product from the Internet. You will need to delete the product you downloaded, and all backup copies, and destroy all hardcopies you made of the product.

After you have deleted the product, let me know you've deleted it and I'll issue a refund through PayPal. If you purchased an online tutorial, you will no longer have access to the courses.

If you have received a refund, you will need to have my permission before you purchase any other DIY Flight Sims items in the future. Unfortunately, I have to do this to prevent anyone from "stealing the store"