DIY Airliner Keyboard Modification

A project to improve your home flight simulator | taught by Matt Thomas, CFII

Course description

DIY Airliner Keyboard Modification

Many flight sim hobbyists want to build their own Boeing or Airbus cockpit but they don't have thousands of dollars to spend. One possible solution is these DIY switch panels you can build at home. Introducing the K140B Airliner Keyboard Modification. These videos and instructions show you how to use common, inexpensive, computer keyboards as airliner switch panels. 

You can have your home flight deck for less money and a lot sooner than you thought.
  • Don't memorize endless keyboard assignments any more. Build this easy keyboard modification for your home flight simulator!
  • Dual keyboard modification simulates the overhead panel and mode control panel of an airlner
  • Your choice: Boeing 737, Airbus A320, CRJ700 panels, Plain Gray panels, or Basic Black panels

Online Training! What to expect:

  • The project includes printouts, DIY video, and text instructions
  • Many streaming video clips, over 20 minutes of video total
  • View on desktop, laptop, tablet, or even your phone
  • Free access to the Builder Academy (learn basic skills for building DIY Flight Sims)
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Matt Thomas, CFII
Matt Thomas, CFII

There is so much you can do to make your home flight simulator feel more like an aircraft cockpit. You can build the flight sim of your dreams with components from Amazon and materials from your local home improvement store!

I'm excited to show you all you can do to make your home flight simulator the best it can be. I've helped thousands of builders around the world for the past 10 years and I'm happy to help you.